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Friday, June 09, 2006

The Da Vinchi Code

The other day, my friend and me watched "The Da Vinchi Code".
It was good for me cause I'm interested in art as some of you know.
I don't know which parts are true and which parts are not.
But I enjoyed the movie.
Some scenes was frightning to me though.

One thing that made me happy was I could understand almost whole story in English!
It means my poor listening skill is getting better than before.
So I'm happy! :D

A few days later, I talked about the movie with my roomies.
I was just wondering why christian people don't like it.
They said non-believers or baby-believers may believe the story though it's not true, so it might be dangerous.

Sometimes, I think religion can help people to easily live.
But most of the time, the religion could be a cause of a fight, an arguement, and a quarrel.
I guess that everyone wanna believe their own religion is the best of all.
I think people can believe whatever they wanna believe and no one should criticize other religion cause nobody know which one is really truth.

Religion would be an eternal theme for human.