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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Last Party

Yesterday, some of my friends graduated from UCO.
One of them is a really good friend since we came to America.
She was in same college in Japan though we didn't know each other and had never even talked then.
However, we came to America together at the same time, became roommates, and went to English Language Institute, went back to Japan together in summer and hang out a lot in Oklahoma.
Whenever I hang out with her and her boyfriend, I enjoy spending time with them.
She is kind and funny and also makes me feel comfortable to talk.
She is like my sister and a best friend as well. So I like her. :)
She and her boyfriend will go back to Japan soon.
Thus I wanted to have a gradutation & farewell party for her and her boyfriend.

I prepared food and a cake, decorated a room, and invited their good friends.
At least, I enjoyed the party with them. But also, I feel sad. :(
Cause after they went to Japan, I wouldn't be able to hang out with them easily like now.

An encounter is a great moment but farewell is really sad.
But still I can hang out with them before they left.
I'm gonna enjoy left just some days with them.