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Friday, April 28, 2006

The First Art Show

On Thursday, I went to OKC with my friends for critique of Digital Printmaking class. We have actually exhibited our pieces in a cafe. Everyone did really good job! To be happy, my professor talked about my piece, a wedding gift, looks professional and he wanted to see a series of that. It was really good compliment for me.

It's first time to exhibit my piece in my life. As some people know about me, I'm a shy person and I don't wanna stand out. However, I wanna show my piece and be stand out it. This might be just self-satisfaction though. :)

Well, I'm a little bit exciting about that cause people in real life will see my piece there. I mean they're not UCO teachers or my friends. By chance, someone might like my work... and then, i might become famous... do you think i need to practice to sign for them? hehehe.
just kidding! :P