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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Yes! I Did it!!!!!

On Thursday, I passed a judgement of Graphic DesignII!!! :D
I was so nervous and scary to know the result on that day.
But luckyly, I could pass!
Now I feel soooooo much better.
I'm really thankful for my friends who helped me for my portfolio and were happy for me.
Professors who judged the portfolio gave me some advice.
"Your works are really good so just you should keep going.
however,your weakpoint is writing & grammar.
Also, you better look at Design magazine to know current design."
I know my English is still horrible but I'm happy cause at least my works are good.

On Friday, I went to a driving center to take a driving test.
My friend lent me his car for that and told me some tips for driving before the test.
It was really good to hear.
When I was waiting my turn, some guys who might be from China told me points which i should be very careful to stop.
These points worked well for the test.
I thought my driving skill is not enough so, I was thinking this time was just for practice to know the test.
Yet, luckyly, I passed the test.
My friend was surprised!
My roomies were surprised!
Even I was surprised!
Now, I'm so happy cause I don't have to worry about expire of permission.

These two days were so awesome!!!