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Thursday, April 06, 2006


In this morning, my portfolio was done! Finally!!! :)
And I turned in that to apply GD2(Graphic Design) for next semester.
The class is really important for GD major.
If I don't pass it, I can't take the class, of course.
Also, I can't take other class cause it's a prerequired class.
To be worse, my graduation will be late more...

I can know if I can pass or not on next Friday.
For the portfolio, I worked on everynight on last week and this week.
Always, my eyes were tired and I was tired too.

However, fortunately, some of my great friends helped me a lot.
So, I could overcome this and create a good stuff. I'm satisfied my piece.
Thank you so much!!!:D I really appreciate to have them as my friends.

Today, I felt never been better.
Even if it's hard during working on projects or something, I love this feeling after done everything. Awesome!!
I think this is one of my great plesure as a designer.