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Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Most Exciting UCO Pagent

On last Friday, we had Mr.&Miss UCO international pagent.
Some of my friends attended the pagent so I went there.

I could see culture of various countries.
Such as traditional clothes, dance, songs...
It was so much fun for me cause I can know different things which I don't know. I really loved it!:)

To special, one of my friends was a really good entertainer.
He danced using an African song.
And now I kinda like African songs.
I've never listened to that before but it was a chance to know it in the pagent.
The music was like reggae and I almost wanted to dance at that time.
Then, I realized the pagent is a good oppotunity to show each own countries.

The result was my wonderful friens got first praise.
I was sooooo much exited and happy for them!!! :D
I know they practiced a lot for that.
So, they did really good job.

I'm so proud of them.
And I had a really good time there!