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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Birthday Party!

My roomies and friends had a surprise birthday party for me on friday night.
Actually, I kinda figured out what's going on cause my roomies asked weird questions to me and also had unusual attitude.
But unexpectedly, more than 20 people showed up in my apt.
I've never seen how many people were there.
I ate delicious cheese cake, played game, took pictures, and had a lot of presents!!!
Of course, I was sooooo happy! :)
So, I couldn't sleep soon cause was so exciting.

Next day, still I was celebreted by my precious friends.
In the morning, I watched my favorite Japanese comedy shows with my friends & took a nap.

After that, I ate Italian food with other friends.
It was really good.
One of my great friends asked waitress do something special for me.
She brought me a singer.
He sang birthday song for me in Italian!!
Although his face was kinda scary, his voice was great.

After coming back home, I watched movie "the kid" with my roomies.
At the night, I went to some place to watch the stars with my friend after going cafe.
The stars were awesome!!

I really had a great birthday with my wonderful friends!!!
I appreciate that I have the friends.