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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My International Spring Break

I was waiting this spring break.
So far, I went to Indian food restaurant with my friends.
It was so spicy for me and I drank water a lot.

On the another day, I joined Indonesian Church.
My friend from Indonesian cooked Indonesian food.
It was a little spicy for me.

On the another day, my friend from Taiwan came over to my apt.
She broght Chinese or Taiwanese food for me.
It wasn't spicy.

I'm just wondering we're all Asian people and close each other, but eat different food.
Some countries people eat spicy food such as in India, Indonesia, Bangradish, and Korea.
But Japanese and Chinese food are not spicy.
It's interesting to me.

Before I came to USA, I didn't care about and wasn't interested in any other countries.
However, now I'm really interested in other countries cause they're different from Japan.
Culture, custom, food, language, clothes, and so on...
I'm happy to know what I don't know.