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Friday, February 24, 2006


Yesterday, a friend of mine gave me a question.
She also got the question from her friend.
She said to me that since receiving it, she has been troubled.
I tried to solve the problem but I couldn't...
So, if you're clever, please tell me answer!
Then my friend and I can sleep very well. :P

One day, 3 people wanted to stay in a hotel.
One night for $300, so they pay $100 for each person.
But a hotel owner said just $250 for tonight and gave &50 back to one of the 3 people, John.
However, he is not a good guy and wants to keep $20.
And he just gave 2 people back $30.
So, 3 people got $10 (for each person) back and they just paid $90 to stay in the hotel for one night.

$90 x 3 people = $270
$270 + $20 (John keeps) = $290
$300- $290 = $10

So, where is $10????