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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ad of Xbox360

For ad copy & layout class, I created ad of Xbox360.
I satisfied my work after a long time cause I'd had in a stress for a while.

I set up target women who tend to read a fashion magazine such as Vogue.
As you know, target of a game machine is usually men cause they love games more than women. But I think women also can be chosen as target.
Cause the Xbox360 has great functions for women.
It's included functions of watching movies, listening to music and viewing photos.
These functions are really good for women.

Now, please imagine.
The women like fashionable, cool, and new stuff more than men.
Also, usually, women love sweets and dessert.
Then, I got an idea to design as if the Xbox360 is dessert.
Though I came up the idea, my professor gave me a comment that the idea is cleaver!
So, now I'm happy! :)