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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Las Meninas

This semester, I'm taking Art History II.
Today, I learned about Spain painting.
One of them is "Las Meninas" by Diego Velazquez.
This painting is famous and probabuly you know Pabro Picaso arranged using the painting.

As you can see, a guy who is on the left side is Velazquez.
It is not only his self-portrait and also King family's portrait.
In the lecture, professor asked us who he is drawing.
The answer is Spanish king & queen.
If you see a mirror, a couple is them.
This painting is from their view.

When hearing about that, I was like wow!!
Then I thought he is smart and this is so cool composition and idea.
I didn't like any art history but I'd love to know about background of art like the painting.