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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Surprise Birthday Party

Last Friday, I had a surprise birthday party for my roomie.
My another roomie and I planed about it from a week ago.

I knew the surprise party is hard to be successful.
My another roomie lied to success it cause the other roomie was wondering.
She said "actually, we're planning a surprise party for you on Sunday after church. But Chika is thinking we'll have the party. So, please don't tell her and pretend not to know about it."
When hearing about it, I was really confusing.

Also, when I started making a birthday cake after she went to work, unexpectely she came back!!
I was so surprised cause she's not supposed to see the cake.
But I already said to her I was gonna make the cake for you.
Fortunately, she didn't know about the surprise party.

Until the moment to surprise her, I was really worried about her notice.
However, we did good job!!
She was crying cause was happy and surprised.
Anyways, Happy birthday to her!!