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Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Year's Day

On new year's eve, my friends & I decided to spent together.
We went to Chinese Market and bought Udon.
Traditionally, people in Japan eat Soba but we chose Udon.
After that, we watched a video of Japanese cartoon, LupinIII.
We had countdown and jumped in an instant which became New Year's Day.
So, it means we were in the air not on the ground!!
It wasn't a profound meaning and just fun for us.

On that day, I was gonna go home but we wanted to see the sunrise.
So, we went to a small hill close by UCO at 7:00am with a sleep of just an hour.
But it didn't rise as soon as we expected.
After 45min, we decided to go back cause each of us had another plans.
Therefore, I took a picture before the sun officially rose.
Then, the sun rose and it was just like a pinprick.
However, it was soooo beautiful!!!

In Japan, my family doesn't have any big plan for New Year's eve & day though general family have.
So, I had a really good time with them.