Chiteki Life*

I just try to write about my Oklahoma life in English.

Monday, December 19, 2005


My friends and I had a farewell party for a Korean friend.
He'll go back to Korea.
After eating dinner at Be-won, we went to Karaoke.

Beginning was fun cause we're just singing songs and learned korean.
But a few hours later, a Korean leader wanted to play game.
It's called 007 which is like Senda Mituo Game.
If someone messed up, he or she should drink beer.
When don't wanna drink, you can give it to someone.
But, the someone can order anything to you and you must do.

Fortunately, I didn't mess up.
I know the leader tried to make fun, yet it was a scary game for me...
Also, the leader forced everyone drink "soujyu" which is a strong Korean alcohol.
I flashbacked a custom drinking party of Aikido club in Japan.
In this point, Korea & Japan are similar.

After this party, he looked miss everyone.
In fact, it was first time to meet him.
But I think he is a really nice guy, so he'll be able to success in Korea.