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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What Is Art?

Left: "The Whirlpools" Hiroshige Ando
Right: "The Starry Night" Van Gogh

My 2nd research paper for Art History I class was done.
A topic which I chose is "Hiroshige's Ukiyoe which Van Gogh loved".
Van Gogh was well-known as one of impressionists and also as a Ukiyoe lover.
Ukiyoe had an effect on him.
Especially, he loved Hiroshige Ando's works.
As you can see above pictures, hiroshige's piece inspired him.
After this research paper, I got to like my own Japanese culture again. :)
And also I'm so happy to know Van Gogh, especially my favorite piece, "The Starry Night", was related to Japanese print.

Then, I had to write about "what is art?" in the paper.
So, I concluded art is a communication tool.
Even if you can't speak different language, you can see and feel something through artists' pieces.
The pieces help to communicate with people in different countries.
Art is great!!