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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Letter & Pictures

A week ago, my very very good friend sent me a letter and some pictures.
The pictures were my old students' wedding ceremony.
They were in same Aikido club in Japan and got married in this summer.

In university, I was under the care of them.
I really wanted to join their wedding yet I had a summer class in America.
So, my friend sent me the pictures.
To see these picutures, they look so happy.

However, they're famous as crazy & funny couple in our club cause their act is strange most of the time.
They make us happy though.

At their wedding ceremony, usually, they change their dress from traditional cloth to wedding dress in Japan.
But they changed to unusual dress!
A groom wore a bride's wedding dress and the bride wore the groom's tuxedo.
It's them... so I wasn't surprised a lot.
I wish I could see them on a live. :)

By the way, my friend wrote down about me a little bit.
She wrote "Chika is only you. A substitute for you isn't even one".
I've never heard like this saying from her so I was so impressed.
Thank you!

Out of Date

I was supposed to have presentation for 3D class.
We had to present about research paper which we were already done.

I researched about Maya Lin.
Most famous of her pieces is Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.
I've been there but at that time, I didn't know about her at all.
After a reseach about her, I really like her conceptual ideas for the memorial.

She put the names of more than 58,000 missing & dead people on polished black granite.
According to her, black of the stone seems more peaceful and gentle than white.
And, through polished stone, viewers and the missing & dead people can have unification.
Also, she had order for the names which is from America's first fatality to end.
It's because viewers can be gradually into their memories.

Isn't it such deep ideas?
I love her ideas and almost inspired her way to get ideas.

Anyways, I was gonna present about this.
But my professor didn't have a floppy disk drive so I couldn't present today.
Bummer! :(
Is FD already out of date in America?