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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I was so busy until yesterday cause had many things to do.
To think design was for 3D class.
To study for a test was for Art History.
To create new road signs was for GD class.
To take some pictures was for Photo class.

Especially, taking pictures made me tired.
That assignment was to take 2 pictures.
One has to be that foreground is clear & background is blurred.
Another has to be that background is clear & foreground is blurred.

At first, I got a new manual camera. (Actually, I didn't wanna buy it though...)
I didn't know even how to put a film cause it's too manual so asked my roomie a favor.
Then, we were in great trouble.
Finally, she called her friend who knows about a camera and I was helped by her.

Although I was soooo stressful about it, I got some pictures for the assignment of photo class after a fashion.
Now, I feel so much better!!
And I'm happy to have a fall break!! :)