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Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Perfectionist

I'm taking this class which is screen printing.
2 days ago, I had critique for project #2 in my class.
This class is just printing design or picutures whatever youwant.
However, my professor gave us some conditions for the project #2.
That was to use at least 6 colors & some texture, which is like some pattern.
So, I got an idea for this and decided to print my necklace.
The necklace is like shape of a grape and bought in Japan few years ago.

Before the critique, I printed it but messed up!! (>_<) I printed brown color on my original drawing and size of papers was different! Also, I couldn't put texture although followed the professor's instrution! Then, I completely lost my enthusiastic about making it... Do you know I'm such a perfectionist? I was surprised my professor guessed right about it. I really irritated myself and wanted to start it over. But I didn't have enogh time, so I just kept doing it. Critique is just writing about each students' pieces but I don't know about mine yet. But after done, I thought that piece was not too bad. Things is not too bad than I usually think and image.
I wanna try to be calm & composed more from now on cause might had made others feel bad.