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Thursday, September 29, 2005

3D project: Repatition

On my 3D (three dimensional) class, we had project #2 which is making something to repeat.
At first, I was thinking to use screws for the project but that costs alot.
So, I changed to paper clips.

I researched some artists who my professor listed up for us.
One of them was inspired to me and his work using metal or copper was like the sun.
Then, I decided to use the sun for my work of repatition project cause the sun is in the sky everyday.
I think it's repetition of everyday life.
Also, my design of the sun was formed by repeat paper clips.

On the presentaion, my professor said to me he liked my idea for repetition.
I might write same things but when JUST I'm occupied in art projects, I can accept or receive my worth.
Therefore, I was so happy!! :)
Now I'm already looking forward to next project.