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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fight Club

For GD (Graphic Design) class, I've read "Fight Club" which you can see DVD.
At first, I thought it's just a novel or something, but in fact, the book is phylosopical.
Whenever reading it, I write down something good phrases.
I can tell you about a few of them.

On chapter 6, it says after a few fights, you're afraid a lot less.
I think this is true because you'll get accustomed to fight.
On chapter 9, it says without their death, their pain, and their sacrifice, we would have nothing.
This is also true, I think and it's not only for this story but for our real lives.
For instance, if you have pain which you study hard, you'll get good grade.

Now in that class, I have much pain which I have many things to do and think.
Of course, although comfortable environment is easy to spend life for me, I need to take soem risks or pain to be a designer.
After this semester, I hope to get something good for me like growing up myself or having more acknowledge of GD.