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Friday, September 23, 2005

A Caving Trip

I joined the caving trip which was presented by a honor interantional society club.
It was in Freedom, Ok (close by Kansas) for 1 night & 2 days.

In the night, I saw a myriods of stars and a milky way in the sky.
It was sooooo beautiful and impressed!!! :)
Although I've seen a lots of stars like that in Australia when being a highschool student, I really really love the stars!!
That's such a wonderful shine and scienary.

Next day, I had a caving trip.
Inside of a cave was cool, dark, and silent.
We saw real bats, crickets, and lime stone.
Then, a professor suggested to turn off the light for a while and we did it.
It was a little bit scarely cause I couldn't see anything at all and could just hear some bugs' s chatting.
At that time, I was thinking how ancient people who didn't have lights spend their lives.
So, now I appreciate my convenient life with lights.

The trip was just 2 days but really precious experience for me.