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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Flexible Brain

In my Graphic Design class, a professor gave us a question.
It was "making a pair of shoes just using tape and scissors for 10 min".
My group could make some sort of shoes within 10 min.
And after that, the professor said to us we should make again just for 3 min.
In this time, our group was meesed up cause didn't have a plan to make and it was s short time.
But actually, we're supposed to do that and just didn't think about another way.
This is GD class, so we needed to have any creative solusion.

The professor showed us how to make it.
She said "purpose of the shoes is just to protect our foot.
If we didn't care about appearance, we just can make the shoes using tape & scissors even in a short time.
"She just taped repeatedly desk and took it off.
And then, she covered her foot with the repeated tape.
Appearance is absolutely bad however she made a pair of the shoes!
It was awesome!
I quite understood I need to train my brain and to have a flexible brain.