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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

No Physical Defects

In 3D class, I have a project to make a original kite.
Of course, this class is one of my major classes, so I shouldn't make a general & boring kite.
For few days, I thought about the kite and came up with a certain idea which is "a spider web".
I was imagining about the beautiful clear sky after rain and then rememberd the spider web with raindrops.
Oh, that image is so beautiful to me.
So, I decided to make my kite which is a spider web.

Some friends of mine may know about my personality but once starting to make something, I don't wanna stop.
I had concentrated to make it and I didn't care about my hand.
Then, I cut my left middle finger a little bit...
After that class, cause the finger hurt, I decided to not use left hand all day.
At first, spending with just a right hand was no problem.
But actually, I had some problems.
Every common action was hard to do and took twice time than usual.
Also, washing dishes & changing clothes were hard.
I was a little bit irritated to them.
I realized I'm so glad to have no physical defects.