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Friday, August 26, 2005

Best Combination of Cereals

I got up in this morning just like everyday.
My breakfast is always cereals in America.
When I was in Japan, I couldn't eat it as breakfast cause my mom didn't like it.
She always said to me it was like a snack not a meal.
So, now I'm happy to eat it for breakfast. :)

Usually, most people pour milk with it. So do I.
But today, I tried to pour Oolong tea with it.
As a result, it was not good. :(
I knew best combination of cereals is only milk!
Why did I do that?
Now I'm taking Graphic Design class and I have "Neurobic" as one of assignment for this class.
The assignment is to do something different from some common actions.
For instant, using only left hand, no talking all day, no using a car, or something like that.
Designers have to do different things and break common sense.
Then, they can create new stuff or get new ideas.
This class is to exercise students' brains.
So, I had a weird challenge for the assignment.