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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Enjoy Dinner

On Friday, my friend who is from HongKong came over to my apt.
My friend and me fixed Japanese food a lot for her & my roomie.
We started to cook at 3:00pm.
A menu was boiled rice with meat & veggies, clear soup, simmered foods of meat & potato, parboiled & pressed spinach, fine wheat noodles, savory steamed egg custard with shrimp, pickled veggies, and cream puffs for dessert.
Honestly, it was first time to make many Japanese food like that.
When I was in Japan, my mom cooks always and I didn't have to make anything.
But I really enjoyed to fix them.
After finishing, I took a picture of the wonderful meal in spite of myself!
Because my friend and roomie was delighted to eat them, I also was happy. :)
I felt proud that it was great and I'm gonnna send the picture to my family.

After that, we talked about many things like our each life, thoughts, problems, and so on.
I thought to have bound strongly the ties of friendship.
I really enjoyed this dinner with them.