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Friday, August 05, 2005

Space Shuttle

Lately, a space shuttle discovery was launched in Texas, America.
A Japanese guy, Mr.Noguchi is in the member.
I wonder what view in the space is like and can't imagine.
I guess he has seen the beautiful blue earth.

I heard, however, the space station was in a mess.
So, astronaunts cleaned up the space station.
There are leftover space food, documents, clothes, batteries, old computers, and so on...
The space is getting dirty.
Even in earth, we tend to make a dirty but should take good care of it.
It's because the space and the earth can't be switched.
To begin with, we should do whatever we can do in the earth.
I was surprised they don't separate by each trash type in America.
Japanese might be too strict about it cause separating several types of trash though.
Nevertheless, each one has to care about it.