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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A Flavor of Strawberry & Milk

Today, a Japanese manufacture published to sell sausages with a flavor of strawberry & milk.
At first, I was like wow!
It's so weird for me!
A yahoo article says that because lately many Japanese children don't eat them, the company got this idea to use the flavor which children like.
But I like the craze idea like that!!!(^-^)

Always, new ideas are thought weird and impossible by people.
To create new stuff in this world, one has to break common custom and convention.
Being in an accustomed environment is, of course, comfortable.
However you won't grow up.
Changing your custom is hard and will make you tired.
Yet, if don't do anything, you're still with the costom.
Especially I need to break my common sense cause being interested in design which creat new things.
Well, first what do I break?