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I just try to write about my Oklahoma life in English.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I like to take a walk and today I wanted to do.
But it was soooooo hot!! Dog day!!(+o+)
Though it was about 90 degree fahrenheit at that time, I really wanted to take a walk.
If deciding to do once, I try to carry out the idea.
So, I walked to a bakery as my goal.
On my way, some people in their cars stared at me as if I'm a crazy person.
Yeah, actually I might be.
Oh, maybe it's because my style was normal like t-shirt & jeans.
Or I was Asian.
Anyway, people gazed me at an intersection and on the way.
I walked approximately 40 minutes to the bakery.
Then, I just bought a bagle and drunk ice cafe-late there.
I thought the drink was so delicious!!

I don't like to go gym for walking but I like to take a walk outside with radio.
Today I was really satisfied even if people looked me and it was hot.
... still am I crazy?