Chiteki Life*

I just try to write about my Oklahoma life in English.

Friday, July 29, 2005


My boss of cafeteria which I work anounced us to turn in our schedule.
I have't decided my schedule yet at that time, so I was in hurry.
At first, I made sure my class time and I marked "X".
I wanna work 4 times a week so I put down "O (circle)".
But still I'd have some blanks.
Hmm... I was gazing the blanks for a while.
And then, I decided to put a mark of triangle on it.
It means if my boss need someone who can work, I'll be able to work.

Now my schedule is full! Ok, I can turn in.
Then, I gave it to the boss but he asked me what these mark mean.
He said "X means you can work ... and what's the triangle? Maybe?"
Though laughing at my schedule, he said never ever seen schedule like I did.
Later, I remembered that American use X as meaning OK or correct.
In Japan, I often do like that for my schedule.
Thus it was familiar for me but must have been so weird for him.