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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Final Project

My summer class, illustration is almost done!!!
This coming Thursday is due for a final project of the class.
The project is to make a book for children.
I decided to use one of Japanese fairy tales, A Centipede and His Fellows.
If you don't know this story, you can go this site( and click part 7.
I think this story is cute but don't you think so?
Now I think about total layout, illustration, and style of my book.
It's fun for me!!

I'll change the title to Bug's Party and use paper dishes for a party instead of pages.
So, today I went to the store "Party America" and got the paper dishes.
It's the dishes with a colorful dots and I think it's cute!
Cute story and cute pages!!
Oh, how nice!!!
Now I need to think how to put together.
It's kinda difficult part...
But I wanna make a good one to satisfy myself & to get good grade.