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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I had a PJ party wtih my friends after a farewell party on last Friday.
The party is just staying night, watching movies, and talking.
But I was so sleepy at that time.
However other girl was sitting on a sofa which I lay down and I wasn't allowed to sleep there.
So, I'd waited until she moved other placet to sleep.
After a while, she went to anywhere and I could sleep there.

And in the early morning, someone rang door bell.
Of course, everyone was sleepy cause they overslept except me.
The person who rang the bell would be a deliveryman and delivered a present to a main person of the farewell party.
The present was flower from her hasband.
It was too early but I thought how sweet!(^o^)
This is just like an American way.
In Japan, most of Japanese guys don't do that.
I also was happy cause she looked so happy.