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Monday, July 18, 2005


Lately, some of my friends got married in Oklahoma.
I was happy to see their wedding, but they're my age and I had a little bit complicated feeling.
But anyway, on Saturday, my friend who is from Taiwan had a wedding.
She has many friends and soon seats were filled by them.
To attend an American wedding was first time for me, so I was exciting.
The friend wore a wedding dress was so beautiful and looked happy.
In the ceremony, an American couple sang a festive song not only in English but also in Chinese & Japanese.
Lastly, a song for leaving was a theme song of "Super Mario Brothers" which most people know.
The attendance laughed in the hall.

After ceremony, we moved to a reception hall and ate some Chinese food.
I took a picture with her in the hall.
And then, I said to her "Con sui and Pyao ryan" (Congratulations and Beautiful).
I was happy cause she understood my poor few words.
Her wedding was great.
I also wanna have a great wedding like hers someday.(^-^)