Chiteki Life*

I just try to write about my Oklahoma life in English.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Two days ago, I worked at cafeteria.
But the day was incledibly bored! (ToT)
So, some people started to do our assignment.
As to me, I began to learn Chinese from my friend who is from Malaysia.

At first, I learned one through ten.
Some numbers are same as Japanese and I was a bit surprised.
Next, on this Saturday, my friend who is Taiwanese will get married with American in Oklahoma.
Therefore I thought that need to know how to say "Congratulations!" and "Beautiful!".
She said "congratulations" is con sui and "beautiful" is pyao ryan.
However, Chinese pronounciation is hard for me.
I hope the Taiwanese girl can understand my Chinese when I say that phrases on her wedding.

I came here for studying English and Design, yet to learn other language is fun for me!!
Now I have friends who can speak English, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, and Nepali.
I have many chances to learn these language.
Someday, I wanna learn French cause its sound is beautiful to me.