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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Words of Praise

In a summer art class, I had a project which is to draw a product using color pencil.
I chose a toothpaste, Crest.
Before starting to draw it, my toothpaste almost run out so I bought it.
I carefully chose it cause I didn't wanna draw hardest design one.
Then, I chose most normal & simple one.
I tried to be close to a real product though mixing colors were hard.

And on due day, I turned in my finished work.
My professor said "well, you're not supposed to turn in a real picture".
What he said were quite words of praise but it was a funny comment for me.
He would wanna say my work was just like a picture of the real Crest.
Actually, I was satisfied with my work by myself.
In addition, he gave me what a nice comment, so I was so happy. (^-^)
My English skill is poor and many people won't recognize me.
But they recieve with my artistic skill.
I can recognize myself just in this instant.
I'll do my best for next project again!!