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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A Connection

Independence day.
I joined a party with my roommates in OKC.
My roommates have some friends and introduced me.
I talked to a Taiwanese lady who is a OU student.
One of my friends is also Taiwanese and will be a OU student from fall semester.
When I said to her about it, she asked her name.
To surprise, she knows my friend and said that has been to church with her.
I thought it's just a small world.

But a connection with friends is mysterious and wonderful!
We had never known each other until our common friend introduced us.
In Japan, you don't often introduce your friends.
In America, however, they do.
I think it's good custom cause many people can meet somebody unknown and can be friends.

Then, I exchanged email adresses & phone numbers.
She said that when having a pary or something, she will send me email.
I was happy to have met new friend.