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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Good Giver & Good Receiver

You wanna go to supermarket to buy present for your friend.
But you don't have a car though there is available to walk.
Then, your nice roommate who has a car said to you she could take you.
In this situation, what do you do?

I completely too much take person's feelings into consideration.
So, basically, I'll refuse kindness like this, even if my dad or mom offer.
Because she takes the trouble to drive for me.
It means actually she didn't have to drive at that time.
I don't want her to waste of her time and work unnecessaryly just for me.
If she wanted to go the supermarket before I wanted to go, I might have accepted her kindness.
But this case is different and I don't accept it.
When I talked her about this, she said to me I need to become "A Good Giver & Good Receiver". It sounds like easy but in reality, it must be difficult for me.

For good or bad, reserve, Japanese custom, has been stained with me.(>_<)
In Japan, people don't like impudence and like reserve.
So, I can't help denying proposal but I don't wanna lose my dearest friend.
Therefore, I'll try to become a good giver & good receiver.