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I just try to write about my Oklahoma life in English.

Monday, June 27, 2005

An Encounter

I went to church with my roommate.
The church was first time to visit.
She said "today is different from usual".
They sang songs and ate bread & wine.
And then, we played in small group.
At last, she said to play for me.
When she started to play, tears spilled my eyes.
Until then, I didn't have any emotion or didn't think about any anxiety.
I thought later but the reason of tears may be my much anxiety.
I'm easy to depress and to cry actually.

But I noticed the true reason of tears was not that.
I was happy then, because I could have met good friends and roommates in America.
Even if I'm easy to depress or have much problems, they keep in touch with me and attend to me.
It's my joy!
I wanna be thankful for this wonderful encounter with my roommates.